A Look at Pixar’s new Short “Lava” (Going to be the short before Inside Out)

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“oh jesuS CHRIST JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP” — me, about a lot of things on and about this stupid website (via not-100percent-a-dick)

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I take the L and R on my headphones seriously.

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Using references while doodling is for chumps.

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  • me looking at thing: yooooo
  • me looking at price: nooooo

Art by Lorelay Bove

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you are married to your icon for 1 year congrats

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They had to really dumb down my martial art skills. Because I’m a 10th degree black belt in every martial art. I did Kung Fu when I was, I think, in like third grade. So I was pretty much qulified to kick ass in space.

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Touch the Sky
Julia Fowlis


I will heed every story,

Take hold of my own dream.

Be as strong as the seas are stormy,

And proud as an eagle’s scream.

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